Leisure and Music


Music might be the most basic expression activity of mankind. It has always been and will continue until the end of time, since humans are born with that great musical instrument of the voice. That is why singing and choral singing is considered the “first art”. Music reflects people and their societies. People can find themselves and their aspirations, whether hanging out at the beach as depicted in the Beach Boys or reminiscing, as in Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time”.

Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” portrayed the powerful association of the changes of nature’s seasons.  He takes us through the changes of climate from before dawn for the hunter, through a beautiful pastoral scene in Spring, to the comforting Winter fireside. Impressionists expressed immediate sensations and atmospheric effects in their music, such as Debussy and Ravel in moonlight images, waterfalls and fireworks. George Gershwin depicted tourism and exploring the world in his “American in Paris”.

A metaphor for leisure in music

A metaphor for leisure, the changes in life, and one’s station in life are some of the utilizations in music. You don’t have to be a music icon to be a part of the gifts and pleasures that music brings. We have thought on how to do our part in reaching the most with this great art. We know that the guitar is America’s favorite instrument and popular worldwide. Therefore, BiodyneStore.com brings you a range of affordably priced guitars, so you too can express your powerful emotions; whether those passions are hanging out at the park, making a statement about your concerns of the political climate; or just resting, or putting your soul at ease.

BiodyneStore.com just might help you discover your “musical child” within you.


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