Leisure and Well-being

What is leisure?

We might think of leisure as freedom to experience a personal expression. Leisure is purposeful and requires one to make choices and act. First, we must work and have time constraints. Then we must decide about what to do and what not to do with our time without the time constraints. Leisure means grasping possibilities of pastimes during free time.

Must one have means to have leisure?

Societies have made it possible for all to enjoy some leisure, regardless of their stations in life. Thus, wealth is not a prerequisite for leisure participation. Leisure is our most precious and fragile expression of freedom, even in times of war or peace. Since it requires freedom to choose and choice requires awareness of choices and a sense of direction and capabilities to strive for goals,  therefore leisure has structure.

What are some of the intrinsic rewards of leisure

Researchers have found that some of the rewards of leisure include individual well-being, emotional health, physical health, mental health, self-awareness, and self-esteem and learning; and personality development, and social interaction and a sense of belonging. No matter what society you live in, what makes leisure unique is its intrinsic reward; the intrinsic reward to live more fully.

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