How BiodyneStore.com was conceived

My life’s journey has taken me through many roads and even many parts of the world and different cultures. When I was eighth grade my mom, a teacher, gave me a catalog of women’s apparels and accessories and told me to go and sell them to people in the community. I went door to door and sold them and had quite a good clientele who were return customers.  I was a music and drama child. My dad, a Methodist pastor would take me with him to play piano and lead the choirs in his churches throughout my high school years; and I was choir mistress in another community church in the town where we lived, where he would meet me and bring me home from Thursday evening rehearsals.  My parents, teachers and mentors discovered my gifts of singing, story-telling and public speaking while still a youth. I was engaged to deliver commencement addresses for kindergarten and Junior high school graduation ceremonies while I was still in high school and I wrote and designed my own speeches and presentations. Audiences sat attentively spell bound during my presentations.  A prominent family in my community discovered that I had a nurturing and soothing voice and, that I enjoyed taking care of elderly, and hired me to take care of their retired teacher matriarch. I read to her, groomed her and engaged her to her delight and the family kept me with her until her death.   I have been a general school and private music teacher, an early child development head teacher, an international classical singer, even made my New York City debut at Carnegie recital hall; and received critical acclaim while creating roles as character actress in premiere performances. I am a recreation/music therapist with specialization in behavioral health and specialization in Autism. I have been an insurance representative for several of the top companies in the industry; and a managing broker. I have been a ceded long-distance runner, most valuable player on my team, Nike runner, featured in runner’s world magazine, a master runner and placing 1st place in the New York City Marathon, and other national championships.  I dared to become vegetarian in my youth, and before that lifestyle was well conceived: and I designed and created many foods and supplemental ways of eating to sustain one’s health.  After 911 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, my career in insurance and finances met with a depression period. I had recently purchased a house in Westchester New York and needed to find creative ways to sustain myself. I answered an ad for a creative person with some experience working with children, to train as a respite therapist for therapeutic foster children and their parents. I was interview and screened and my home was certified; and I was hired and trained and I immediately began my client family assignments. The children and their families loved the outcomes and I became a preferred provider with the families and with that county’s Family Service Center. Since I had extensive education and background in music and music education and highly acclaimed actress and singer and teacher in developmental ages: kindergarten through high school, I asked the government office to sponsor me to further my education with a degree in music therapy. They responded: “we will sponsor you for a degree in therapeutic recreation and not in music therapy”. I accepted and enrolled and matriculated in the curriculum at Lehman College of City University of New York, NY, and completed the program.  I was hired during my internship at the facility where I interned and originated a music and drama group for the medical geriatric day program at the home and hospital. It was so well received that I was asked to write a one page proposal to extend the program.  I wrote the proposal; the program was funded and I continues working there while I pursued a degree in music therapy at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey.  All these events have whet my appetite for more adventure and preparation in more creative and integrative approaches to wellness and mental health.  In what would be the evening of life, I am still pursuing and applying my concepts on myself and on those others who allow me, to support a healthy active lifestyle; and I am having a truly vibrant and vital experience and expression of life. So, I am seeking to help others create the same for themselves.

         In the pass year, I met with some adverse workplace experiences, appearing to be discrimination, unequal and unfair treatment in the work place. After giving ten years of my life to this institution and to be rewarded so, I have taken it, that it is time to move on.  My greatest rewards have been the outcomes for the client patients. They expressed their love and joy of engaging with me and how they looked forward to the daily, innovative programs of creation expression that I provided. Though I loved my work there, I am now free to create my own programs and I can say: “Oh Lord I am truly thy servant; I am thy servant and the child of thine hand maid: thou hast loosed my bonds.” Psalm 116:16.

         My dentist once said to me: “You need a sponsor”. That requires writing proposals and being screened by more prejudice and being at the mercy of systems. I have embarked upon a way that I can sponsor myself by developing a platform with a group of health professional experts as advisors; and which allows freedom of creative expression and advocacy for concepts, utilizing integrative approaches to mental health and well-being. Many times, the simplest adjustments in one’s environment or merely showing respect for the personal space of a child dysregulated, or an adult full of anger, or an elderly who is combative, can change the person to an engaging, delightfully charming interactive person. I thought to use my many gifts, experiences and creativity by designing a platform where I can offer goods and services that help people feel good. That is what BiodyneStore.com is all about. I love to connect in a wholesome way and help remove walls that hinder creative expression and vital experience of life. I love engaging and pursuing and discovering ways to enhance my life so that I can enhance someone else. I do what I do passionately.

The trend is toward e-technology which is challenging for me, and I accept the challenge. What better way to connect globally than e-commerce. We can communicate, engage, and interact with friends, associates and citizens of the world; and people can find solutions and give feedback with the click of a mouse. I have known the day when businesses had to buy an airline or train ticket for an employee to hand deliver an important document in person to another division or corporate connection and wait for the return result in person. I, myself have hand delivered documents for required same day signatures. We miss the one to one exchange and we can make up for it with pursuing together, and we can grow together in new dynamic ways.  We have tried to design a store where everything that we offer can help you feel better. So, out of all this musing came the idea of BiodyneStore.com: A life changing way of shopping. You are invited to browse, shop, and read my blog and give feedback. It is my contribution to helping others change their way of being with the world, for the better. My friends call me a “free spirit”. Biodynestore.com, just might be my new wings. Come fly with me!

Hermine M. Bartee


and sponsor of BiodyneStore.com

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